Shirotori Garden
Shirotori Teien/

Shirotori garden was produced in the image of the landscape of Tokai area.
The river is represents the Kiso River that starts from Mt. Ontake
and runs through Nohbi Plain, eventually feeding into Ise Bay of the Pacific.
In the mountains, the Kiso River runs rough, but rolls gently in the plains.
The river tells us eloquent stories.

We call the style of this garden 'chisen-kaiyuu-shiki teien'
'Chisen' means pond or fountain, 'kaiyuu' means migration, 'shiki' means style,
and 'teien' means garden.
While walking around the garden, you can enjoy many unique sights

There is a 'suikinkutsu'. This is a kind of "acoustic system"
that uses water from a stone bowl that is used for washing hands
or as a washbasin set in a Japanese garden.
Put a pot upside-down underground to create a hollow space.
Pouring water into this will cause the water drops to echo.
The beautiful sound you hear is just like a "koto," or Japanese harp.
This system was invented by a gardener in Edo Era

Events are held several times a year: in the middle of January
there is the 'Plum tree bonsai exhibition',
at the beginning of May the 'Spring, Romanticism',
at the end of September the 'Concert under the full moon',
and in October "Shuuro-sai" with tea ceremony and concerts

2-5 Atsuta-nishi-machi Aatsuta-ku Nagoya

Open: 9:00 - 16:30

Mondays (if the Monday falls on a national holiday,
it will be closed on the following day)
The third Wednesday (If it's holiday, the following day) Dec. 29 - Jan. 3

Fee: 200 yen

Get off at JINGU-NISHI on the MEIJO Subway Line, go through exit no. 4
12 minute walk