Takamu Shrine
Takamu Jinja/_

(takamu) represents the origin of this shrine.
means g (a pike). is a modifier
There were Owari Mononbe Family's weapons stores in this place long long time ago.

Enshrined deities:
Hondawake-no-mikoto(Emperor Ojin)

Takamu Shrine was founded in 131and Takamusubi-no-kami and Kamimusubi-no-kami were enshrined.
The first shrine building was built in 865 and then Hondawake-no-mikoto was also enshrined.

View from the front gate Motokoi@(È/lit. Origin old well)
KoiÈ is the same pronunciation with Koi (love).

Takamusubi-no-kami and Kamimusubi-no-kami are deities of Musubi/Musuhi (Y)
Musubi means to Musubu (d/to scoop water with both hands and drink).
By the eyes of faith, it meant to take spirit in our body.
In ancient time, there was an abundance of clean water around here
In the shrine precincts, there is a well, that water hauled out of it was presented to
the newborn baby Empelor Ojin to give its first bath praying for its longevity.
That spring water was called "Koi no shimizu È̐" and the town's name "Motokoi-choÈ䒬" derives from that.
.We can still get water

È䔭˔Vn The well is behind the small fountain. Well
- People bring bottles of water back to their home -
Main shrine - Red Torii gate

Musu came from Umusu(Yނ) /"U" was dropped out. It means "arise naturaly".
Hi (bi) means spirit or spiritual work..
So, in Shintoism

Oct. 14: Shinto ritual
Oct. 15: Festival

1-4-18 Imaike, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

TEL: 052-731-2900


Get off at Chikusa Sta. on the Higashiyama Subway Line.
Take exit 4.
Walk 5 min. to the southeast.