Tamesaburo Memorial Museum

Tamesaburo Memorial Museum is an annex of the Frukawa Art Museum.
This sukiya style main building called Ishun-tei ਏt was built in 1934 as a ryotei, a high-class Japanese-style restaurant.
Furukawa Tamesaburo (1890-1993) lived here until he died in the age of 103.
There is a tranquil Japanese style garden in the image of "Nezame-no-tokoQo߂̏", a point of the Kiso River,
with five big beeches, which he loved so much, and a tea-house named Chisokuan m,
which was built in the image of the national treasure tea-house "Joan @"(now in Inuyama C.)
built by Oda Urakusai, a brother of Oda Nobunaga.

Ishun-tei ਏt in the evening
There is "Hisago no ma"room designed with the elements that are associated with Katsura-Rikyuu in Kyoto.

Chisoku-an m Tea-house
"Chisoku" can be read "Taru o shiru" that means
"know contentment", way of thinking of Zen and Taoism
The landscaping was supervised by
master landscape@ artist Takayuki Inoue

- Bamboo bush Tobiishi
Stone bridge Chozubachi Cascade

10:00-17:00 (last entry/16:30)

Monday (if Monday is a holiday, the following day)
Year-end and New Year holidays

*The admission changes depend on the exhibition.
Adults 1000yen-
University and high school student 500yen-
Junior high school and elementary 300yen.-

2-50 Ikeshita-cho, Chikusa-ku


Get off at Ikeshita sta. on the Higashiyama subway line.
Take exit 1. Walk 3 minutes.

Furukawa Art Museum Official web site is here

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