Taxi Fare in Nagoya

- Distance based fare Time based fare

(Every 30 minutes)
Initial charge
(Initial distance: until 1.3km)
Mileage Charge
* Distance and Time based surcharge
(When a taxi runs under 10km/h)
Jumbo Taxi
(Number of seats including driver's: Over 30)
600yen 100yen/264meters 3,750yen
Large-size car 550yen 100yen/274meters 3,350yen
Medium-size car 500yen 80yen/253meters 2,900yen
Small-size car 480yen 80yen/284meters 2,500yen
Late night, Early morning
Plus 20%
a great distance drive
(Over 5000yen by distance based fare)
10% off
Handicapped people 10% off
Over 70-year old
corporation taxi: Registered people
Private taxi: Show something to identify yourself
10% off
Jan. 2011

MK Taxi is popular with cheapest fare.
Initial charge is 400yen (At least till Nov.10, 2011)


kuusha Available
chinso Passengers are on the taxi
\ yoyaku Reserved
kaiso Out of service
\ yoyakusha Reserved
warimashi Additional charge