Temmusu is a lovely one bite size rice ball
with shrimp tempura.
Literal meaning of 'tem' is tempura,
espesialy in this case it means shrimp tempura.
'Musu' means 'musubi' or 'rice ball'

The original temmusu was made by a couple
who had run a tempura shop
in Tsu city , Mie Pref. in 1957.
During busy lunches they put shrimp tempura
in rice balls as an ingredient.
It was so delicious that they added it to their shop's menu

In 1980, after he got the know-how
and the name of 'temmusu' from that couple,
the owner of 'TEMMUSU' opened the temmusu shop in Nagoya

Some actors and famous people loved
are known to frequent the shop.
Thus, it has become very popular
and one of Nagoya's delicacies by word of mouth