In Japan there are two kinds of toilets, Japanese style
and Western style.
Most western people are confused by Japanese
style toilets the first time they use them.
It is very hygienic because the squatting design doesn't
put any part of the body in contact with the toilet bowl.
For Western people, holding the squatting position might be uncomfortable,
however at least you should know how to use it
because if you stay in Japan long enough, sooner
or later you'll have to know.

usual Japanese style - 1
This is not a male urinal.
This one is part of a set including a
seperate urinal in a rest room for men
Used by both men and women for feces
Western style

elevated Japanese
style - 2

This is for women and men
for all

How to use a Japanese style toilet

Squat over the toiletl Don't sit over the toilet

* Face the raised end.
* Squat astride the toilet
* bend your knees as deep as possible.
* Flush the toilet after you use it

Notice 1

Special slippers for the toilet are
provided in private houses, inns,
and some public facilities,
so you should change to them
when you enter the toilet room.
Don't walk in other rooms in toilet slippers.
When you come out of the toilet,
the tip of them should be left pointed
toward the toilet so that the next person
can easily put them on.
proper way

Notice 2

Usually Japanese toilet rooms are completely enclosed,
because traditional toilet bowls are set at the floor level.
Because of this it is not possible to know whether it
is occupied or not on first sight.
So if you knock on the door and there is no answering knock
from inside, then open the door.

You may flush toilet paper or aqueous tissue paper,
but you must not flush other things.