Tokugawa Art Museum was built on the site of the second lord of Owari clan,
Tokugawa Mitsutomo's Ozone premises

A private museum.
It's galleries include 9 national treasures
as well as a series of collections of over ten thousand artifacts
from used by descendants of the
The main collection is of the articles left by TOKUGAWA IEYASU,
the first Shogun of the Edo Era.
In addition, the museum also has many articles of the first lord of Nagoya Castle,
TOKUGAWA YOSHINAO, and of the succeeding lords and their family members.
The museum also displays articles from the
TOKUGAWA head family,
and other families connected with them.
A few charitable individuals also donated their treasures to the museum.
This museum is very useful for learning about the life of the Tokugawa family
through their personal articles.
Special events are occasionally held.
Allow approximately 1 hour for viewing.

Tokugawa Art Museum Official Website

1017 Tokugawa-cho, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
TEL: (052) 935-6262
Open: 10:00-17:00 (enter by 16:30),
Closed: Monday (If Monday falls on a national holiday, it will be closed on Tuesday)
Dec.17 to Jan.3


Adult 1,200 yen , Student 700 yen
Show your Donichi Eco Kippu (weekend one-daypass) or One-day pass used on the day.......1,200=>1,000yen, 700yen=>500yen

Admission Free 

Grade-schooler, Jr. high-schooler and high-schooler 
 As many times as you want
throughout the year
Student and staff at the following collge (university)
<University membership>

愛知大学/Aichi University、 愛知学院大学/Aichi Gakuin University、 愛知県立大学/Aichi Prefectural University
愛知工業大学/Aichi Institute of Technology、 愛知産業大学/Aichi Sangyo University、 愛知淑徳大学/Aichi Shukutoku University、
桜花学園大学Ohka Gakuen University、 名古屋短期大学/Nagoya College、 金城学院大学/Kinjo Gakuin University
椙山女学園大学Sugiyama Jogakuen University、 中京大学/Chukyo University、 中部大学/Chubu University
東海学園大学/Tokai Gakuen University、 名古屋大学/Nagoya University、 同朋大学/Doho University、
名古屋学院大学/Nagoya Gakuin University、 名古屋学芸大学・短期大学部/Nagoya University of Arts and Sciences・NUAS Junior College
名古屋芸術大学/Nagoya University of Arts、 名古屋市立大学/Nagoya City University、
名古屋造形芸術大学・短期大学部/Nagoya Zokei University of Art & Design・NZUAD Junior College
南山大学/Nanzan University、 名城大学/Meijo University、

(April 2011)



Get off at Ozone sta. on the Meijo subway line.
Take exit 3. Walk 15 min.

from Sakae
Take Nagoya City bus Kikan 2 (基幹2) bound for Hikiyama or sangenya,
leaving from #3 stop, Sakae bus terminal (OASIS 21)

Get off at Tokugawaen-shindeki stop.. Follow the signs to the museum.
Approximately 3 minutes on foot.

from Nagoya sta.
Take Nagoya city bus bound for Hikarigaoka or Idaka-shako leaveing from Green #7 bus stop of Eki-mae City bus terminal.
Get off at Tokugawaen-shindeki stop.. Follow the signs to the museum.
Approximately 3 minutes on foot.
Take Meitetsu bus (Junkan or loop bus) leaving from #4 bording spot (MELSA 3F), Meitetsu Bus terminal .
Get off at Tokugawaen-shindeki stop. (15 minutes drive). Follow the signs to the museum.
Approximately 3 minutes on foot.