Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Reisai

(Wakamiya Hachiman-sha shrine)

May 16th
(If 16th falls on Sunday, procession will be canceled)

This is one of the three biggest festivals in Nagoya until the World War II..

In former days they had seven floats, but now only one float called
Fukurokujyu-sha is remained..
Mechanical puppets were made by a mountain priestTamon'in in 1676.
A puppet player Takeda Jusaburo refined on them in 1768.
We can view Fukurokuju-sha on the Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Reisai Festival
and also in the Nagoya Festival held on the second Sat. and Sun of October.

10:00- Shinto Ritual
11:00- Dedication of karakuri performance
13:00 Float starts Wakamiya hachiman-sha (shrine)
13:40 karakuri doll performance in front of Okayakoki Bldg.
13:50 starts
.14:10- break in front of Manjo Bldg.
14:20- start
14:30 arrive at Nagoya Shrine
karakuri doll performance
15:20 starts
.15:40 karakuri doll performance in front of Seiundo Bldg.
16:35 karakuri doll performance in front of Okamoto Bldg.
17:00 arrve at Wakamiya Hachiman-sha

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May 28,29 2005, Fukurokuju-sha float was took a part of Nagoya Festival parade.
This event suported the World EXPO 2005.
A technique of rotary motion was introduced to the audience in Sakae.

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