Will Aichi

. Fee/overnight
Japanese style room
(capacity/.4, toilet)
For 1 person..... 3,600yen/person For 2 people ..... 3,300 yen/person
for 3.people .... 3,100 yen/person For 4 people .....2,600yen/person

Western style room /Twin
(capacity 2, bath, toilet)
For 1 people..... 4,200 yen For 2 people..... 3,400 yen/person

Western style room/Single
(bath, toilet)
3,900 yen
(June, 2008)

*check in 15:00 - 21:00,
*Check out 6:00 - 10:00 (Even if you stay there more than two days, you have to leave your room every day)

* Pay at the front counter when you check in.
*Breakfast: buy a meal ticket in the previous night at the restaurant SORA (B1) Japanese meal or Western meal (800 yen each)
*Breakfast hours /8:00-10:00, Dinner hours/-19:30 (L.O.19:00)
*A day before holidays, you need to reserve for dinner.
*Bath hours (for Japanese style room's customers) 16:00-24:00, 6:30-9:00
* No one can't enter the lodging area without person who stay there.
*Curfew/ 24:00

* Clerk TEL: 052-962-2002
*Reservation (9:00-17:00) TEL: 052-962-2619

* Access: Get off at Shiyakusho Station on the subway Meijo Line.
Take exit No.2

FAX: 052-962-2567