Yamada Tenmangu


Yamada Tenmangu is one of the three shrines which enshrine
Sugawara Michizane (a god of learning) in Nagoya.

Usokae Ritual (Jan. 25/annual)

Ema Ume/Japanese apricot People leave old brushes in front of the grave of brushes.
Shinto priests hold requiem services for them.
Make a wish and turn the table..... Tsuchi-ningyo doll of Sugawara Michizane Shinto ritual for worn-out brushes


3-25 Yamada-cho, Kita-ku, Nagoya

Get off at Ozone on the Meijo Subway Line.

Take exit 5. Turn right and turn right again at the first corner (There is a polce station at the corner).
Then turn left at the first corner. Go along the elevated railroad 4 min.
You will find many flags and Torii gate on the left.
That is the shrine.


Yamada Tenmangu (shrine)
TEL: 052-981-5695