Yonezu River Festival
Yonezu no Kawa-Matsuri

August 15

Yonezu, Nishio C.

Fireworks in the sky and lanterns on the river

Toro-nagashi or Manto-nagashi/ lantern floating

handy cylinder type fireworks

4:30p.m .- Yonezu Elementary School Marching band
6:00p.m. - Drumming performance
6:15p.m. - offering of tezutsu-hanabi by children
6:30p.m. - opening ceremony
7:00p.m. - sutra recitation
7:00p.m. - lantern floating
7:00p.m. - tezutsu-hanabi
7:30p.m. - fireworks display
8:30p.m. - finish

NOT cancelled
It will be canceled in case of wind velocity becomes more than 12m/s

Get off at Yonezu sta. on the Meitetsu line.
During the bon period, Meitetsu has a special timetable, so please check careflly.