Kyoto-style zouni
white miso soup and round rice cake
Nagoya-style zouni
soy sauce soup and
rectangular rice cake

Zouni is a very important dish of mochi ( rice cake ) in vegetable soup used to celebrate the New Year.
There are lots of varieties depending on areas or family.

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ingredients recipe
mochi (rice cake) Each district boasts its own speciality and
each family has its own recipe.
So, please cook zouni at your ease.
The point is putting mochi in soup with
Typical zouni in Nagoya is very simple,just put
mochi and rapeseed leaves.

1: boil 4 cups stock and put
kamaboko ( fish-paste cake )
kashiwa ( chicken )
shiitake ( mashroom)
( rapeseed leaves )
mitsuba ( honewort/trefoil leaves )
satoimo ( taro )
ninjin ( carrot )
takenoko ( bamboo shoot )
yuzu ( citron peel )
shouyu (soy sauce ) I recommend you soy sauce taste : )
But if you like sweet soup, try white miso
sake (alcohol made from rice)
mirin ( weet sake )
white miso (soybean paste)
dashi-jiru (stock by dried bonito)
( sliced dried bonito )
for topping