daibutsu Big image of Budda
daibutsu-den a hall of the great Buddha stature.

The hall of the Great Buddha at Todaiji Templke in Nara
is the largest wooden structure in the world (pic)
daidohgei street performance
One of the most popular Japanese sweets.
Sweet red beans is wrapped with soft mochi.
daigaku-imo fried sweet potatos with sugar or honey
Daimonji Okuribi rite is held on August 16 in Kyoto.(starts at 20:00)
This is a part of Buddhist ceremony to send back the souls of deceased ancestors
after the bon festival.
daizu Soy beans

common pill bug

Daruma Daruma doll is is round and doesn't have arms and legs.
It always comes upright every time after it tumbles.
So, it becomes a symbol of good luck.
When you bought it, you put left eye.
When you got your wish, put the other eye.

Daruma-ichi/Daruma doll Fair
Daruma-otoshi One of the Japanese traditional folk toys.
Several blocks are stacked up to form a Dharma doll.
knock out the blocks with a mallet one by one without toppling down the other blocks on top.

Daruma-taishi Dharma
Densha-gokko Kids' play. Densha means train. Gokko means to imitate.
Detch Young boys who worked for merchant families or craftsman's family during some specific
period contracted in advance.
The detchi system started in the Edo period and closed after the World War II.
Detchi was given a specilal name including "matsu" last.: Yoshimatsu, Hidematsu, Sutematsu, etc.
Doeryaa - "Doeraa" means "awful, immensely, pretty, quite, etc." in Nagoya dialect.
Dog Cafe -
Dogo Onsen Dogo Onsen in Matsuyama (Kagawa Pref. in Shikoku) is very famous
by the novel "Botchan"written by Natsume Soseki
Dojo-sukui (lit. loach scooping)
chameleon plant (Houttuynia cordata)

( lit./train or stop a poison )
Dokuro-mark skull and crossbones
Domatsuri Shorten name of the Nippon Domannaka Matsuri
Dance festival which held last Fri. Sat. and Sun. of August.
Lots of team, not only from Nagoya area but also from many prefectures,
perform energish dance in Nagoya.
Donden -
donguri acorn
Donichi Eco Kippu -
dorobo burglary, thief
Doyo-Ushi Doyo-ushi

Kikuko's Picture Dictionary