- A piece of cake        
oekaki writing graffiti        
Ofuku-Hagaki - Double Postcard/Return-paid Postcard
100yen (2010)
Oga-hasu Hasu is a lolus.
The seeds of Oga-hasu was discovered by Prof. Oga
in Tokyo Univ. Agricultural Department
in 1951 from a stratum of Yayoi (B.C.10 - A.D.3)
Now we can see flowers of descendants of
beautiful 2000-year-old lotus.
Ogura toast One of Nagoya cuisine.        
ohagi Typical and very popular wagashi (Japanese cake)
made of glutinous and non-glutinous rice which is
coated with azuki (small red beans) paste
ohajiki alley, marble        

1)Japanese old type rice cooker
2) gay (cant) [ => onabe/lesbian ]
okedaiko a kind of Japanese drums

Its body is made like a
wooden tub or cask
okonomiyaki Japanese style pizza
pancake made of batter and various
ingredients like cabbage,
sliced pork, dried bonito,
egg, etc.
omikuji lit: divine lottery. a written oracle
a piece of paper on which one's
fortune is written
omocha toy    omutsu  diaper
Ondes Martenot is a radio wave musical
instrument invented
by Moris Martenot,
a French electrical engineer, in 1928.
Osu Skaing Rink - -        
- (Lit. helponeself to...)

Figurative meaning: Arrange matters
to benefit oneself
Oyako Domburi -        

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