BIC CAMERA Nagoya-Nishi blanch

One of the biggest electrical appliances discount shops in Tokai area

Open 10:00 -21:00

@It's located in front of Nagoya station Shinkansen side
( West of Nagoya station/in ex-Seikatsusouko-building)
The biggest selections and the biggest floor space in Tokai area

B1: camera, alcohol, seminar room
1F: digital camera, telephone, game, DVD
2F: audio-visual equipment,
3F: personal computer appliance, second hand personal computer, golf goods
4F: Personal computer
5F: washing machine, refrigerator etc. bedclothes...

There are shoe shop, book shop amusement are
a, etc.

1 min. walk from Nagoya sta. Nishiguchi (West gate)


West of JR Nagoya station, Taikou-dori-guchi
6-9 Tsubaki-chou, Nakamura-ku, Nagoya

TEL: 052-459-1111

Discount Electric Appliance Shop