Nagoya Omotenashi Busho-tai
(Reception Samurai Team of Nagoya)

At least 2 or 3 members are in the castle yard every day.

"Nagoya Omotenashi Bushotai" was set up to cerebrate the founding of
the Nagoya government 400-year aniversary (2010) in November, 2009.

The samurai performance named "Omotenashi Embu"
will be shown at Ninomaru-Hiroba.
Everyday. at least two members of the Omotenashi
Busho-tai stay at the main gate or in front of the dungeon.
They guid you around the castle yard
so you can talk or take photos with them.
They show dance performance, skit, etc. on weekend
(not every weekend) or holiday, so please check up

They sometimes participate events or festivals
held in some other places.

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Bushotai's performance at Ninomaru Hiroba.

Nagoya Bushotai members were hired for Nagoya 400th Anniversary via public employment agency
as part of the Nagoya City Government's employment policy.
One of the condition for employment of 6 main warlords was that must be IKEMEN, nice looking guy.
Now they became very popular and there are many OKKAKE fans or groupies.
Maeda Keiji with the red armor is most popular among women so far (Maybe a longest line is made
at the photo session after the performance)
Personally, I prefer Oda Nobunaga (wearing a cloak) :))

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