Chikusa Park
Chikusa koen/

Chikusa Park is known as a park of liles..
There are approx 10,000 lilies.
They bloom between late May and Mid-June in every color of the raimbow.
The best season is early June.
They smell so nice.

There are also ball park, tennis courts, children's park.

In this park there was a factory of weapons or ammunitions under direct control of Army,
named Nagoya Rikugun Zoheishou Chikusa Seizosho (
They had produced weapons since 1919, then the factory was destryed in March, 1945
several months before the end of the World War II (August 15).
69 people were killed there.
You can see a part of wall of the factory with holes in a bombing..

There are no parking area.

Chikusa Kuyakusho Machizukuri Suishin-shitsu


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