(Hatsu-Ebisu at Ebisu Shrine, Kyoto is here.)

Jan. 5
Kamichigama Shrine in Atsuta Shrine in Nagoya
0:00a.m. -

A festival to pray for prosperous business

It is held at Ookuninushi-sha and Kotoshironushi-sha,
at Kamichikama-jinja in Atsuta shrine.
The festival starts at midnight.

People scramble to get talismans for business success.
It is said that if you talk to someone or hang around on the way to home,
good luck will go away.
So, even if people meet their friends, some do not talk at all.
They rush to home and put a talisman in the gods' olave in a house.

Hatsu-Ebisu poster Talisman called kumade rakes money
or business success.
Hatsu-Ebis flags

What a big kumade ! Burn the former kumade talismans Many people come to buy kumade
. Well decorated kumade .

Atsuta Jingu (Atsuta Shrine)

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