Idaka Greens
Idaka Ryokuchi/

The purpose of the park improvement project of Idaka Grees is
to keep the local atmosphere and environment there just like the old days.
So, there are bushes, farm ponds, terraced rice fields, etc.
Nice place to observe nature.

I think the forest area of Idaka greens is not easy for small children (maybe under 3-4 years old).
Because they have to walk long distance as their age.

At the skirts of the low mountain, there are Meito Sports Center,
Sports Center for the physically-challenged, nursing home, swimming pool and archerry field.

Beware of adders! Wow,really?! Play equipment Nice design
Open space Way to the forest Wow, Sky Tower !
Bush and path Suribachi-ike (pond) Suribachi-ike (pond)
Makuragi-michi Makuragi-michi Heron
Terraced rice fields/Tanada 棚田 Sekobo勢子坊 Bamboo bush Goat
View from Mt. Roba-no-se (lit.Donky's back mountain),
the 2nd highest place in Nagoya.
View from Mt. Roba-no-se Ontake shrine

Oaza-Kamiyashiro, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku, Nagoya

Meito Sports Center (in the park)

Get off at Hongo Sta. on the Higashiyama Subway Line.
Take a municipal bus "Kan Hongo 幹本郷1" (bound for Idaka-Ryokuchi or Hongo or
Get off at Rakutokan楽陶館 or Shogaisha Sports Center障害者スポーツセンター
or Takabaridai Chugaku高針台中学 or GokurakuHigashi極楽東 or IdakaRyokuchi猪高緑地

There is no parking area in the park.

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