Ryufuku-ji (temple)

In January 1814, a statue of Juichimen-Kannon (Eleven-faced Goddess of Mercy)
was found from the ground of Kasadera-Kannon precincts. It became a big news and people came to pray or just to have a look at it. It was a kind of turmoll and
the temple had been crowded day after day like festivals.
Kasadera Kannon in the late Edo Period

Picture from Owari-Meisho-zue

Kasadera West Gate Main gate In front of the main building
Image of Mizukake-Jizo Two-story pagoda Temizuya (Place to purify by yourself by water)
Three monkeys
Mizaru Kikazaru Iwazaru
Goma Buddhist service Omokaru-Jizo

6th, 16th and 26th of each month
18th (temple fair of Kannon) & 28th (Fudoson temple fair) of each month

8:00 - 16:00

Take Meitetsu Nagoya-honsen Line. Get off at Moto-Kasadera. 3-min. walk.
Get off at Aratamabashi Sta. on the Meijo or Tsurumai Subway Line.
Take exit 5.
Take City Bus "Aratama 13"or "Aratama 14" from #2 stop..
Get off at Kasadera-Nishimon stop. 1-min. walk.

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