Railway Museum
JR Tokai
SCMaglev & Railway Park

Since March 14, 2011

This museum features 35 full-size vehicles (indoor exhibition) and 4 for outdoor.

A 28-meter maglev train that ran on a test rail in Yamanashi Pref. is exhibitied. It is the highlight of this new site.
It recorded a world speed record (581 km/h) for a passenger-loaded run, and it still stands today.
There are also steam locomotives, Shinkansen, train cab simulators, railway model dioramas.
You can manipulate the same scale Shinkansen operating simulator
aside from trains of conventional railway lines


- Cool Called "Doctor Car"
- Nostalgic SL
Buffet car Pantagraph Playroom
Uniforms, punches, tickets, etc. Ekiben (Train lunch) shop Museum shop


There is a greatest railway diorama of Japan and shows us 24 hours of railways. It is so exquisitely made and fun to watch.

Traffic accident Evening Check and repair of rail after the last train


photo Type Simulator usage fee The winners are selected in a lucky draw and can
receive tikets to train simulator usage.

Shinkansen Train Driving Simulator

Shinkansen (N700) Train Driving Simulator
500yen/1 time/15 minutes
Person who wants to try the simulators, tear off the numbered
lottery tickets along perforation and drop them in the lottery box.

Schedule of Simulator Usage
Avalable hours Time in Result Place for application
(Lottery Box)
Start accepting Cut-off time
@ 10:30-12:00 Opening only
First-come-first-served basis
10:25 Entrance
A 12:00-14:00 10:30 11:15 11:45 Event Zone
(Event Hiroba)
B 14:00-16:00 12:00 13:15 13:45
C 16:00-17:30 14:00 15:15 15:45

Result of the draw is displayed on the board. at Event Zone (Event Hiroba)
15 minutes before the each starting time.
If you win, show your numbered stub at the information desk at the
Event Zone (Event Hiroba), and you can purchase the tickets.
(You can not chose the simulator usage time)
Then, wait in line at each simulator room.

Back of the Lottery ticket
.Check your number.

Conventional Train Driving Simulator &
Train Crew Simulator

Conventional train Driving Simulator 100yen/1 time/ 10 minutes
Conventional Train Crew Simulator 500yen/1 time/15 minutes

Tear off the numbered lottery tickets along perforation and drop them in the lottery box which you want to try.

Check your number. Good luck!

10:00 - 17:30 (Last entry 17:00)

Tuesday (Except March 15, 2011 and during school long holidays)
If Tuesday falls on a national holiday, the following day.
Between Dec. 28 and January 1.


Adult: 1,000 yen
School child 500 yen
Child (Age:Over 2): 200 yen

Kinjo-Futo, Minato-ku, Nagoya

Get off at Kinjo-Futo Sta. (last sta.) on the Aonami Line.
A 2-min. walk.

JR Tokai Service-shitsu

Koya Kosen-kyo

Nagoya Station

Aonami Line