Yabaton's MISO-KATSU

MISO-KATSU is one of the most popular dishes
among Nagoyans.

It is made by putting sweet miso-sauce on a pork cutlet
and then using shredded cabbage as garnish.
This is the typical way to serve Miso-katsu.

The taste of the sauce is the most important factor of the dish.
Usualy every restaurant has their own secret recipe.

Mainly sweet miso contains aka-miso ( made from soy beans ),
sugar, mirin ( sweet sake ), and dried bonito as soup stock.



Yabaton's Misokatsu-don

It is made by putting Miso-katsu on rice.
In some restaurant, shreded cabbage is put
between rice and miso-katsu

Yabaton is the most popular restaurant with miso-katsu in Nagoya.