Nagoya Festival
ÉՂ/Nagoya Matsuri

Mid-October (Fri., Saturday and Sunday ) every year

In 1954 government of Aichi Pref. and Nahoya City, and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce
stated "Nagoya Commerce and Industry Festival"to promote markets.
Then Nagoya citizens wanted to change the purpose of the festival for not only economics
but also recreation for people, and governments agreed with it
Next year, in 1955, "Nagoya Festval" started.
So the progress shows us that this is not religious festival

A parade with three locals representing great historical
samurai heros from the Nagoya area
( Oda Nobunaga from Kiyosu-cho, Toyotomi Hideyoshi from Nakamura-ku
and Tokugawa Ieyasu from Okazaki-city)
is the highlight of this festival.
The parade also features their wives, people who were contemporary with them,
dancing teams, marching bands, etc.

Oda Nobunaga Toyotomi Hideyoshi Tokugawa Ieyasu Soldiers
Noh-hime Nene Sen-hime Evoke a battle

Exhibition of traditional martial arts ( at Atsuta Shrine ),
local entertainment festival ( Hisaya Oodori Koen ), Nagoya band festival ( Rainbow Hall ) etc.
are also held to tailr to Nagoya Festival.

We Nagoyan proud the big three historical heroes.

Schedule of the parade

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