Nana-chan is a name of white tall doll set up on the side walk
in front of the escalator to Meitetsu Bus Center.
Actualy, the site of Nana-chan is one of the most polular
meeting spots around Nagoya Station.

She was born in Switzerland on April 28, 1973.
Slim with a height of 6m10cm and weight of 600kg,
bust 2m7cm, waist 1m80cm and hip 2m15cm
Her costume is changed every month.
I don't know if it's true or not, but I heard that her blood type is A-positive : ))

She is very famous, so it's a good place for meeting someone
who don't know Nagoya well.

Nana-chan is still standing in front of
Meitetsu Bus Center

Nagoya Station

Nagoya Station Meeting spots