Okehazama Historical Battlefield Festival

(1st Sat. & Sun. of June/annual)
Sat/memorial service, Sun/parade, stage show, open market, etc.

The view of Okehazama in the Edo Period
The Battle of Okehazama

The first major strategic victory in the career of Nobunaga
Oda was fought against Yoshimoto Imagawa in 1560,
during the Warring State Period.
In those days many feudal lords had been
filled with ambition to expand their own territory
and to come into power.
Yoshimoto Imagawa, who held very strong power over
(now a part of Aichi Pref.), Suruga and Totomi (now Shizuoka Pref.), was one such lord.
He tried to go to Kyoto and meet the Emperor
who would proclaim him the top lord.
On the way to Kyoto, Yoshimoto had to break through the
Nobunaga's territory. Yoshimoto had 25,000 soldiers.
Nobunaga had only 2000-3000.
Luckily for Nobunaga, under the cover of a violent rainstorm,
his troops succeeded in surrrounding and surprising
Yoshimoto's troops encamped at the place called Dengaku-hazama, 2 kilometers north of Okehazama.
(as now we know it as the battle in Okehazama)
In the ensuing rout Yoshimoto was killed
by Hattori Koheita, a petty soldier.

Participate the parade and the battle re-enactment

 They are all Nagoya Univ. international students

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