Rokusho Shrine
Rokusho Jinja

enshrines: Izanago-no-mikoto and Izanami-no-mikoto

established: in the Kenkyu erra (1190-1199)

Torii (shrine gate) of Rokusho shrine

Temizuya Rokusho shrine Rokusho shrine
Rokusho Inari Shrine Dragon God Shrine/Ryujin-sha
Dragon God Festival
offered flags of Dragon God

festival date time others
Monthly ritual 16th 14:00- -
New Year's ritual January 2 11:00- -
Sagicho January 15 10:00- -
Katchindama Festival
(main festival of Rokusho Shrine)
February 26th 9:00- Shinto ritual Katchindama is a colorful candy. They are sold only on this day.
The shape of the candy is made in the shape of umbilical cord.
The ritual is held for easy birth and healthy growth of children.
Dragon God Festival - - Famous players of Chunichi Dragons come and pray for the victory.
Hatsu-uma day of the first Uma
of March
- -
Chinowa ritual end of July - -
Etsunen Festival December 31 11:00- -

1-6-37 Yada-Minami, Higashi-ku, Nagoya
TEL: 052-711-3609


Get off at Nagoya Dome-mae Yada sta. on the Meijo subway line.
approx. 8-min. walk

Get off at Ozone sta. on the subway Meijo line or JR Chuo line.
approx. 10-min. walk.

2-min. walk from Yada-Minami bus stop (City bus)