Sagicho Festival
(Sagicho matsuri)

The 4th Sunday of January
1:00p.m. - 4:00p.m.

Morozaki, Minamichita-cho

It has been said that Sagicho Matsuri started in the Muromachi period (1392-1573) around Morozaki fishing port
to wish large catch of fish all the year around.
Sorry enough, because of decrease in the number of young men in this area,
recentry we can view them only at 4 or 5 beaches.

flag and piled New Year goods ceremony young naked guys turn
around the fire tree times
transfer the fire to the paper boat float the paper fired boat
on the sea water
It's very difficult to.............. .............controle a very long flagstaff
flagstaff was broken, but.... again and again dance mochinage

After the prayer by the participants at Jingo-ji (temple), they come to the beach.
On each beach, a flagstaff with a large paper flag,
on which a bream and an animal concerned that year are drawn, are erected and
decorations which used for the New Year are stack up.
The participants with formal kimono hold some ceremony and purify the beach with sake.
After the piled New Year deecorations are ignited, young naked men run around the fire three times
holding a paper boat which freighted with talismans of the preceding year.
Then they float it on the sea.
Some young men also dive into the sea.
As soon as the paper boats is released, other young men untie the flagstaff
and lay the large flag low into the fire.
They lay down and raise it again and again until the bamboo would be broken.
even though it has broken they repeat
This is the climax of this festival.

Sagicho event is held at five spots on the Morozaki beach.
It starts from the Western area ( around 1:00p.m. on the beach in front of the Kominkan/community center)
and move to the East area ( => Morozaki-Gyokyo-mae => Hayashizaki .......)
Mochinage is held at each point after the fire function..

Get off at Kowa sta. on the Meitetsu Kowa line.
Take Chita bus bound for Morozaki-ko and get off at Morozaki (25 min.)
Walk 1 minute.

Minamichita-cho Shoko kanko-ka
TEL: 0569-65-0711