Seishun 18(Juuhachi) Kippu
(JR special discount ticket available during school holiday seasons)

A ticket used by five people on the same day.
(So all stamps shows 1.16 (January 16)
I am sorry but in 2010 you can't use it until Jan 10 .

JR sells discount tickets called "Seishun Juhachi Kippu (lit. Youthful Eighteen Ticket)" three times a year.
Not only age eighteen, but also all people including foreigners can use it.
This is the cheapest pass to get around Japan.
The ticket is 12,050yen.
As you see the picture above, it has five fields to be stamped on each day it is being used.
You can use it either by yourself on five days or shared by up to five different people.
You can also combine them.
Anyway, you have 5 rooms during the period.

It's not available to use the next season.
You can stop over as many times as you want.
You can use the ticket with other people when they travel with you as I wrote above.
To use the ticket, hand it to the station employee
when you board your first train that day,
and the station employee will stamp it with the date.
You can take only JR local trains (Futsuu or rapid trains (Kaisoku).

Period On sale Valid Other info.
Spring Holidays Feb.20 - Mar.31 Mar.1 - Apr.10 -
Summer Holidays Jul.1 - Aug.31 Jul.20 - Sep.10 -
Winter Holidays Dec. 1- Dec.31 Dec. 10 - Jan. 10 10 days

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