Useful Information

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* Japanese language classes

* Japanese Grammer for beginners
* Japanese-language Education Media & System Lab
* Rikai
Reviwing the Kanji
* Kanji alive
* A Japanese guide to Japanese grammer

* Japanese Textbooks for beginners
* Japan Rail Pass
* Seishun 18 kippu
(cheapest tickets for domestic travel using JR)
* Timetable, course, fare, etc. of transportation
* Shinkansen Timetable external link
* Nagoya Station
* Meitetsu Bus Center
* Late-night bus (Nagoya municipal Bus)
* manaca
* Map of subway exit
partly under construction
* Subway map and the time it takes for one-stop
* Subway Fare external link
* Most convenient cars or doors when you change subway lines.
* Aichi Loop Line (Aichi Kanjo Tetsudo)
* Discount taxi
* Car Rental
* Rental Camping Car
* Driver's license
* Night Bus Booking Site/Bus-Channel (for Tokyo, Osaka, etc.)
* Japan Bus Pass (Purchase can only be made from outside Japan)
* Travel Agency (discount air tickets, etc.)
* Tourist Information Center

* Information about 16 KU (ward) of Nagoya/historical place, etc.
Chikusa-ku Naka-ku Atsuta-ku Nishi-ku
Showa-ku Higashi-ku Minato-ku Nakamura-ku
Mizuho-ku Kita-ku Minami-ku Midori-ku
Meito-ku Moriyama-ku Nakagawa-ku Tempaku-ku
* Karakuri (clock) in Nagoya
*Japanese Souvenir Contest
* Rental Camping Car

Telephone (useful phone number, etc.),

* FedEx Kinko's
Job, Student support/就労・学生サポート関係
* Employment Bureau for Foreigners
in Nagoya
*Japan Student Services Organization
external link
*JET Programe
(The Japan Exchange & Teaching Programe) external link
* Tokyo Employment service Center for Foreigners external link
* Work in external link
* Japan Association for Working Holiday Maker external link
* b-cause external link
* Jobs in Japan external link
* O-Hayo Sensei for English teaching jobs external link

Baby, Child/子育て関係
Foreign Mothers' group/ Midwife or maternity nurse who speaks English & Russian
* 758 Kids Station in Sakae (Posted by Maria)
* Baby-sitting Service

* Toy Clinic (repairs on toys)
Lifestyle Habit/生活習慣関係
* How to use Japanese style toilet
* How to bathe Japanese bath
* How to sleep on a Japanese futon
* How to separate recyclable from nonrecyclable trash (garbage)

Daily Living/日常生活
* Moving company or movers
* If you are involved in a traffic accident

* Lifestyle assitance in English external link
* How to know the directions at the subway exit
* Piyoca, a card to support family with children under 18 or pregnant women.
* Video tape Conversion Service
Money and Banking/金融関係
* Currency Exchange
* Sending money home
(maybe the cheapest way) external link
Medical care/医療関係
Telephone service info. on hospitals in 5 languages
* English Speaking Doctor / Clinic (English available)
* Holiday Emergency Clinic
* Good Eye Hospital

* Nighttime Emergency Veterinary Clinic
* Animal Dental Clinic
* Free Noh and Kyogen Performances
* Theaters in Nagoya

* Japanese Dance Performance by Maiko and Geisha in Kyoto
* Agency for Cultural Affairs
* How to eat sushi
Sushi ranking for new beginners
Vrieties of Sushi
* Halal meat shop and restaurant
* Nagoya Cuisine

* Tap Water
Koto (Japanese harp), Taiko (Japanese druming) & Karate classes in English
* Matial Arts Classes in Nagoya

* List of Sumo Wrestlers' quarters in Nagoya
* Animal Cafe
* Secondhand shop for books, CDs, DVDs, video tapes, kimono, etc.
* Discount air ticket shops

* Flea Market and Temple Fair

Politics and Economics/政治経済関係
* Prime Minister of Japan and His Cabinet Top Page external link
* Income Tax Guide for Foreigners external link

Zen meditation

* Church
* Temple Fair
Meteorological phenomenon/気象関係
* Typhoon alert
external link
* Earthquake Center external link
* Weather
external link
* The Asahi Newspaper English Web Edition external link
* The Mainichi Daily News of Mainichi Newspaper external link
* The Japan News
external link
* Nikkei Asian Review external link
* The Japan Times
* The Lunar Calendar / external link
* Planetarium
* Message BGM
* Hiking course (featuring historical place or nice site) of each ward (Ku)
Only Kita Ward so far
* Get Yabaton's tasty meat at a bargain price.
* Convination of Clothing getting a static electric shock
* Nighttime Emergency Veterinary Clinic,

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