Aichi Prefecture Forest park
/Shinrin Koen

Shinrin-koen contains 468 hectares of forest with athletic facilities (tennis court, ball field, riding ground, etc.),
botanical gardens (4 hectares grass field, forest of native trees, etc.) and
general park (Center Hiroba with grass and flower garden, amusement ground with outdoor play equipment, etc.),
located both in Nagoya City (Moriyama-ku) and OwariAsahi City.

Entrance View beside the pond Like a Claude Monet's painting ?
General area
Cherry blossoms make a beautiful contrast with new greens . Cute Hanami
Amateur photographers are waiting for
appearance of kingfishers
A beautiful line of shidare-zakura (drooping sakura) Take a nap
Affinity for water Boat: Mar.1-Oct.15 (10:00-17:00), Oct.16-Feb.28(10-15:30)
Closed: Monday (If Mon. falls on holiday=>Tue.), Dec.28-Jan.1
Fee/30 min.: Foyboat 350yen, Foot pedal boat 700yen
Rest in the shade of a tree

Botanical Garden

Fee: 200yen

Hours: 9:00-17:00 (last entry 16:00)

Athletic facilities
Tennis court Horse riding Ball field Archery Golf
- - -

Imaike pond

5182-1Arai, OwariAsahi C. Aichi Pref.

0561-53-1551 (park)
0561-53-1552 (sports facilities)
0561-53-1553 (horseback riding)

Take a Meitetsu bus bound for OwariAsahi Mukougaoka from Nagoya Sta. or Sakae or some other stops on the route.
Get off at Imaike stop.