Shiroyama Hachimangu Festival

October 15th (annual)

2:00 p.m. reitaisai (Shinto ritual)

mochinage (rice cake throwing
) Date and time are different depending on the year

If you would like to throw mochi (rice cake), please apply to Shroyama Hachiman-gu
with 8,000yen (including 50 mochi) by Oct. 10.

2-88 Shiroyama-cho, Chikusa-ku
TEL: 052-751-0788


The nearest Sunday before October 15th, some groups of martial arts fan
will make demonstration in the shrine precinct
.(Aikido Exhibition)
(Iaido Exhibition)
. (Shorinji Kempo Exhibition)

Sat. and Sun before the festival day, children's "o-shishi"(lit. lion) will come and get purification in the shrine (.10:00-17:00)