St. Patrick's Day

@ Osu Kannon

Cead mile failte (100 thousand welcomes) to the online home of the Nagoya St Patrick's Day Festival.

As you may or may not be aware (those visiting from outer space may not) St Patrick's Day, March 17th is Irelands national day and is celebrated wherever the Irish spirit exists around the world in the month of March. It has grown over the past 150 years into one of the worlds most widely celebrated and most enjoyed festivals. And why should Japan not get in on the fun? 

Over the past 25 years from humbling beginnings in Tokyo to the present day multi city celebrations the Irish eyes are well and truly smiling when March comes around.

They are possibly shining the brightest (little bias) in the traditional shopping arcade that is Osu Kannon in downtown Nagoya every March. The arcade is bopping to an Irish jig as  throngs of people in green descend to partake in the Nagoya St Patrick's Day Festival.

With live music, Irish dancing, official parade, local characters, face painting, hair painting, body painting, children's crafts and games, free giveaways, and much much more Osu Kannon is defo the place to be in March.

So why not come along in green with your family, friends, animals, leprechauns, invisible friends and join us as we celebrate like only the Irish can (bias again).

Hope to see you there.


Date: March

Location: Nagoya

Official website is here


Members and Volunteers Needed

Irish Songs Irish Dance
Irish Dance Giveaways

Stardogs America ! From Seattle ? :))

US Army Japan Band from Camp Zama
Tokai Technical High School Drum and Brass Corps

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