Tansportation: in and around the Nagoya area
Local transportation in and around Tokyo area
Local transportation in and around Osaka

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Nagoya City subway and bus

Subway <fare>

(From station
to station)

Nagoya City bus

(Japanese only)

Midnight Bus

Train Timetable, Route and Fare Finder for all Train Lines

Train Route Finder/Jorudan


JR Line /Shinkansen

Meitetsu Line

Kintetsu Line

Access to CENTRAIR (Chubu Int'l Airport)
Access to CENTRAIR
(Chubu International Airport)

Taking Meitetsu line is the best way
from Nagoya : 28 minutes, 850yen

(from Kanayama: 24 minutes, 790yen )
If you take kaisoku-tokkyu (rapid limmited express) or
(special car), you have to pay 350yen more.


Express bus


JR Tokai bus

(Japanses only)
Meitetsu Highway Bus
(Japanese only)
Sunshine Tour
(Japanese only)

Local transportation in and around the Tokyo area
Odakyu Electric Railway Hakone area

Tobu Railway
Nikko area

Keisei Electric Railway
New Tokyo Int'l Airport
(Narita Airport)

Keihin Electric Express Railway (Keikyu)
Haneda Airport

Tokyo Metro Subway Lines

Toei subway, bus and streetcar info.

JR bus Kanto
Local transportation in and around the Osaka area

Kintetsu Railways
Nara area

Keihan Railways
Kyoto area

Hankyu Railways
Kobe area

Nankai Electric Raiways
Kansai International Airport

Osaka subway and sightseeing bus info.
Osaka City

Nishi-Nihon JR Bus (Japanese only)

Seishun 18 kippu cheapest way to travel in Japan, though limited
Seishun 18 kippu (kikuko's webpage)
Yahoo railroad information
<Japanese only>
Meitetsu Traffic Guide
easy to know the timetable and fare
*only about Meitetsu Line
Discount air tickets
shops in Nagoya
Excite Traffic Guide
<Japanese only>
transfer, timetable, last train information Highway Bus you can check about the highway
bus all over Japan