758 Kids Station

Hours 10:30-18:30
Closed Tuesday, national holiday, year-end and New Year holidays
TEL 052-262-2372
FAX 052-262-2370
E-mail kodomo@city.nagoya.lg.jp
Address 460-0008 Nadya Park Center Building (LOFT) 6F
3-18-1 Sakae, Naka-ku, Nagoya
(located at the north of two temples at the bottom)
Rules *No smoking
*Keep valuables in your possession at all time.
*Take all garbage back home with you including dirty diapers.
[Kids Park]
*All children must be accompanied by parents.
*Play with your shoes off.
*Put the toys away before you leave.
*No food or drinks allowed there.
[Day-care room for children]
*Not for public
*Ask the officer when you want to nurse or make milk or a father want to change a baby's diaper
[Information Garden]
*You may drink or eat, but take all garbage back home with you.
[Kids Library]
*Books can not be checked out.
*You can watch DVD
*You may use small table when you eat or drink or reading books.

Here is an information submitted by Maria.

A foreign mother - friend recently introduced me to Nagoya Kids Station.
I didn't even expect something like that to exist! It's truly fantastic! Not everyone will understand my enthusiasm.
You have to have spent months on your own with a newborn, who can't walk and run aroundbut still needs intertainment.
Then you will know what I mean byfantastic.
It's a carpented area full with all sort of toys and books for smallbabies,
so you can just relax and let your baby play without worryingabout safety, as you do at home.
There is a professional staff alwayson site so you can leave the baby for a couple of minutes
and go to thetoilets on your own.
There is a feeding room, a changing place andlittle lunch area (no food and drinks are allowed on the play area).
The staff is very friendly and happy to help.
I asked if there are other places like this one in Nagoya and learnedabout Jidokan - each ward has a place for children to play.
TheMeito-ku Jidokan turned out to be just accross the road from where Ilive,
but when I went there it turned out to be a once-a-month eventfor mothers and babies.
On the contrary, Kids station is open every day (exept Tue I think)from 10 (or 10.30)am to 6 (or 6.30)pm
and for anyone -mothers,fathers,grandparents -
with a small baby are welcome to comeand enjoy. Totaly free of charge.
Nagoya Kids Station is in Sakae (Yaba-cho subway station), inside NadyaPark (Loft) on the 6th floor.
As you get to the 6th floor by escalator,first you'll see a big outdoor sports shop,
turn around and the kidsstation is behind the escalator.
When you approach the fences of the play area, take your shoes off andplace them at the entrance.
You will see a box with colorful roundplastic cards, take as many cards as the number of people
with you (forexample - two for a mother and a baby).
When you enter the play area,go to the administration window and place your plastic cards
in theappropriate box - 1 for mother, 1 for baby.
This is their system foraccounting how many people have used the kids station.
After doing soyou're free to sit and play with whatever you like and stay as long asyou like.
Try it next time it rains and you're just about to climb the walls indispair
what to do with your genki baby and how else to entertain her :)

Another extremly useful - life-and-sanity-saving - facility all new mothers have to know about are
the baby rooms in the shopping centersand department stores.
They are usually referred to as 'jinyushitsu' -nursing room, or 'baby kyukeishitsu' - baby resting room.
Every goodand self-respecting shopping center has one, particularly if it sellsbaby goods.
In Sakae for example Mitsukoshi and Matsuzakaya both havevery nice baby rooms,
located on the floors with baby marchendise.
Sadly, Lachic, as it doesn't sell any baby goods, hasn't got one (or atleast I haven't discovered it yet!).
MeiEki Takashimaya and the shopping part of Central Tower have very comfortable ones.
Hoshigaoka Mitsukoshialso has one -
on the baby goods floor (together with a little playarea for small kids, by the way!).
Chikusa Aeon shopping center alsohas one, so I suspect all Aeon shopping centers do.
My local Daiei andSeiyu supermarkets also have one each.
Check around your neibourhoodand everywhere you usually go and you should find many more.
In the baby room you can change diapers, nurse in comfort, just relax abit with a sleeping baby.
Basically - refresh while you're out andabout. Everywhere I've been nursing rooms are
separated from changingareas and men not allowed in, to assure mothers' comfort.

(by Maria)

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