. . .
. A soft rice cake coated with kinako (soybean flour)
Abe Shintaro
. (1924〜1991) Abe Shinzo's father. A member of the Diet that belonged the Liberal Democratic Party
Abe Shinzo
. (1954- ) a member of the Diet that belongs the Liberal Democratic Party
. Any kind of oil, grease or fat.
abura o uru / (lit.sell oil) = (exp) to loaf (particularly on the job)

rape.most important stuff for the cooking oil obtained from its seeds.
leaves and flowers are also eatable, a little bit bitter and tasty.
ACOM . Consumer finance company providing credit to individuals
. a kind of Japanese- style cooked salad, fish or/and vegetables with thick dressing
( e.g. miso-ae, goma-ae )
. Freshly drawn green tea, sushi-bar term
The word of "agari" has been used since the Edo period. There are several explanations regarding the origin of this word..
ex)In the Edo period, in the world of the licenced quarter, people called the last tea served to the
visitors "agari". When they didn't have any customer, they grinded the tea (powder tea for tea ceremony). Grind (hiku) and 'go out' (hiku) are the same pronunciation in Japanese. So they prefer
using"agari". At the sushi bar, workers use "agari", but customers don't. use.

fried beans cured
. oistured atsuage coated with katakuriko/wheat flour and served with shaved dried bonito and grated ginger in a soysauce-based sauce
age-kamaboko . deep-fried kamaboko
. deep-fried foods
(e.g.. kara-age, su-age, kakiage, tatsuta-age, )
ago-wan Ago Bay in Mie Pref.
Famous with fisheries of pearls
agura . a way of sitting. sit cross-legged > seiza
ahiru duck
ai (愛) . love
ai (藍) . indigo
aiaigasa Share an umbrella.
When a man and a woman share an umbrella, it sometimes means
their good relation.
(external link)
. Aichi Prefecture. Nagoya is in Aichi Pref.
aien-ka . habitual smoker , heavy smoker
aikagi . duplicate key
aikido . one of the traditional martial arts for self-defense
ai-kyogen . a comic interlude performed between two Noh ( tragedies )
ainame . fat greenling . nitsuke is the best way to eat.
ainu . the Ainu race. most of them live in Hokkaido
aisatsumawari . To make around of visits to business connections or relatives or those above us at work who have been helpful or kind to when people get married or new years day, etc.
aji horse mackerel, scad. Good for shioyaki, sashimi, nambabzuke and nitsuke
ajinomoto . brand name for the chemical seasoning monosodium glutamate by Ajinomoto Co., Ltd.
ajisai Hydrangea
ajishio . salt mixed with monosodium glutamate
ajitsuke . flavoring in some way, seasoning
ajitsuke-nori . seasoed laver
akachan baby
aka-chouchin . lit. a red Japanese lantern
a big red Japanese lantern hunged at the entrance is a symbol of an inexpensive tavern.
akadashi . miso soup using akadashi miso
aka-gai ark shell
good for sushi-neta
aka-jiso - red perilla, red labiate
aka-kabu . red turnip
aka-miso . lit. red miso. comprises about 75% of all rice miso. high in protein and salt
Akashi-Ohashi Akashi Bridge


Aka 赤 means red and ten  means mark or grade.
Failing grade
When a student got a failing grade on the test, a teacher put a grade in red on a paper.
akatombo red dragonfly
akebi . Akebia quinata. sweet wild fruit in Autumn. lots of seeds.
Akibasan-Entsuji Akibasan Entsu-ji located near Atsuta Shrine (Atsuta Jingu) in Nagoya.
Akiba Sanjakubo Daigongen is enshrined.
The Fire Festival held on December 16th of each year is popular.
Akihabara . name of a district in Tokyo famous for the discount electronic shops.
aki-nasu . egg plant harvested in autumn
Aki no Miyajima It is said that Aki no Miyajima is one of the tree beautiful sceneries in Japan
aki-no-nanakusa the seven grasses of autumn.
hagi (Japanese bush clover), obana/susuki (Japanese pampas grass), kuzu (pueraria), ominaeshi (patrinia), nadeshiko ( wild pink), fujibakama (eupatorium), kikyo (Japanese bellflower)
Akita-ken . Akita Prefecture external link
(Akanbe, Behda)
Childish Bronx cheer at someone.
Gesture of pulling down one eyelid and sticking one's tongue out.
The phrase "Akkanbe" is often accompany this gesture.
akushu Shake
Akutagawa-sho . The Akutagawa Prize. It was established to encourage new writers in the field of serious literature and is the most prestigious as far as the literary world is concerned. It is awarded twice a year along with the Naoki Prize, which is for popular literature.
ama (尼) . nun
ama (海女) . professional woman diver to catch turban shells, abalone, seaweed, pearl oyster, etc.
amadai . title fish
ama-ebi . lit. sweet prawn, pink shrimp good for sashimi or sushi
amagasa umbrella
ama-guri . lit. sweet chestnuts. small chestnuts roasted with brown sugar or syrup.
Amaguri made by Imai-no-amaguri in Osu is the best in Nagoya.
amakudari . lit. descending from heaven. In common parlance it refers to the practice of tetiring public servants taking positions at private-sector enterprises and public corporations that have close relations with the agency in which the government officials were employed.
amami . sweetness
amanatsu . a kind of Chinese citron. sweetened by breeding
amanogawa Milkyway
amazake lit.sweet sake. a sweet beverage made from rice and rice koji.
ame (飴) . candy
ame (雨) . rain
American (coffee)

In a coffee shop "American" means "weak coffee".
ami (網) . net
ami (醤蝦) . opossum shrimp. ver small shrimp less than 2cm at the most.
amidana net rack
overhead rack
amimono . knitting
. .
amiyaki . grilling done on a griddle
ampan . sweet bean paste inside a roll or bun
an . sweet bean paste
anago conger eel
ankake . some dish sauced made by mixing kuzuko or potato starch with water or stock and soy sauce etc. and heating until it becomes thick.
ankake-udon noodles with thicken soup. ( => ankake)
anko angler fish
ankoh-nabe . nabe-mono of simmered angler fish
anmitsu . mitsumame with an (sweet bean paste)
anoyo . the world after death
anzu apricot
Aoi-matsuri one of the three big festivals in Kyoto. May 15th.
aojiso . green labiate
Aonami Line . .
aonori . (ao means green and nori means laver) green laver finely crumbled powder-like.
It is often used for topping okonomiyaki.
aotagai . lit. to buy futures on unharvested rice. To notify students, who organizations want to hire well, that they have decided to employ by firms before the date, which was decided by an employment agreement among firms, to keep good students.
aotagari . one of the military stratages to cut green rice in order to make enemies want of food
aokake-fumi . a traditional health maintenance device made of bamboo, which has been slit in half lengthwise. tread on it barefoot and stimulates the key pressure points of arches.
Aomori-ken . Aomori prefecture. external link
Aqua Totto Gifu -
- Buzzwords.
"Ara" means "around".
"saa" is thirty, "four" is fourty, "fee" is fifty and "kan" is kanreki 還暦 (sixty years old)
aradaki . a simmering of large fish like bream or yellowtail. The head and the body still with its bones are simmered in stock flavored with soy sauce, sake, sugar, and mirin (sweet sake)
arai . a style of sashimi for muddy taste fish like carp. Put thin sliced fish in warm water, the put it into very cold water.
Araizeki -
arame . a kind of seaweed
aranami wild waves
troubled waters
rough sea
arare (霰) . little rice crackers
arare(霰) . hailstones
asagao morning glory
asagao-ichi . At Iriya Kishibojin shrine in Tokyo, there's a three-day ( July 6th-9th every year) morning glory fair called "asagao-ichi" where the potted ones are sold at stalles in the shrine area. This festival startes in the Edo period.TEL:03-3841-2569
asahi morning sun, rising sun

asa-ichi (朝一)

asaichi means "asa ichiban ", a task what you have to do the first in the morning.
There is a very interesting report. about a sense of time. According to the article of Yomiuri Newspaperon May 30th, 2006, The time of "asa-ichi" is 7:54a.m. for the average of businessmen. How about you ?
asaichi(朝市) morning market
asagutsu Laquered wooden clogs worn by Shinto priests during the rituals which held outside.
asakusa-nori . purple laver
asanomi . Indian -hemp seeds
asari . short-neck clam
asari-jiru miso soup with short-neck clam
asatsuki . chives, a kind of green onion.
very green and thin.
often used as a garnish

ashiato Footmark
ashibi Japanese pieris
Ashitaba . udon franchise restaurant. One is in Motoyama. reasonable and tasty.
Asuke Asuke is one of the popular places near Nagoya.
atsuage . deep fried thick-sliced tofu
Atsuta Matsuri Atsuta Festival
Atsuta Jingu One of the most important shrines in Japan in Nagoya..
awa . foxtail millet
awabi abalone
awa-odori Awa Dance. One of the most famous Bon Dances in Japan.
It is held for four days from August 12.
awase-miso a sort of miso
ayatori . cat's cradle
ayu . sweetfish
ayu no shioyaki broiled ayu with salt
most popular way of cooking ayu
azuki . azuki bean. used for sekihan, zenzai, Japanese sweats, etc.

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