gabyo thumbtack, drawing pin
Gaikokujin-toroku -
Alien Registration

gake cliff
gamagaeru toad

gembaku dome
Atomic Bomb Memorial Dome (Gembaku Dome)
This is a memorial ruins of the World War II in Hiroshima.
gikkuri-goshi strained back
ginkaku Ginkaku outer link
ginsadan The sea of Silver Sand
goemon-buro A type of traditional bath tub.
Goemon came from Ishikawa Goemon, a very famous thief in the Edo period.
It is said that Ishikawa Goemon was executed by keeping in a boiling iron pot.
goju-no-to five-story pagoda

In Nagoya, you can view Goju-no-to at Kosho-ji (temple) in Yagoto and Nittai-ji (temple) in Kakuozan.
gokiburi cockroach
Gokoku Jinja -
Golden Week - -
Gomennasai I am sorry
Guchikiki Jizo If you ever need someone to talk about anything,
Guchikiki-Jizo will always be happy to listen.
He is a shoulder to cry on.
gunkan-maki Gunkan means battleship.
Surrounded by nori and topped with a topping.
gyoban/gyoku a fish shaped wooden Buddhism tool which hollowed inside.
Strike it to tell various things in Zen Buddhism temples.
The fish mouths a ball, a symbol of bad spirit.
So, strike its stomach and make it throw up
Japanese crescent-shaped pan-fried dumplings stuffed with minced pork,
cabbage(or Chinese cabbage), leek, ginger, etc.
One of the most popular Chinese foods, but Cinese usualy eat boiled ones.

Kikuko's Picture Dictionary