Fujimae Tidal Flat

O/Fujimae higata

Fujimae Tidal Flat is located at the mouths of the Shonai, Shinkawa and Nikko rivers
in the industrial area of Nagoya, however it still keeps the natural environment.
It was inscribed as a registered wetlands under the Ramsar Convention on November 18, 2002 (Heisei 14).

Approx. 60 species of shorebirds visit here.


<Inaei Visitor Center>
Get off at Noseki Sta. on the Aonami Line.
Walk 10 min.
(Map of Aonami Line gate in the Nagoya sta./left of the Silver clock on the map)


<Fujimae Activity Center>
Take Mie-Kotsu Bus bound for Sun Beach Nikkogawa Tr[`
from Meitetsu Bus Center 3F #2 stop.
Get off at Nan'yocho-Fujimae zO.
Walk approx. 100m to the direction of forward of the bus.
Turn left before the park (pic below.) and go straight.

Turn left at this point When you return to Nagoya by bus, you can cross
the street from this point. (Climb down the stairs)


Aonami Line and MieKotsu Bus time table

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