Jimokuji Kannon

Chizan Sect of Shingon School
Established in A.D. 597

Jimoku-ji means Jimoku Temple and Kannon is a Goddess of Mercy.
In the Asuka period (552-710), A fisherman called Tatsumaro, who lived in Jimoku Villege,
found a golden image of Kannon (Goddess of Mercy) in his fishing net at 200m-southeast from the present temple.
Then he built a thatched roof hut and enshrined it in 597.
This is the beginning of this temple.
Then Jimokoji Kannon is the foremost oldest temple following with
Hoko-ji or Asuka-dera or Gango-ji (A.D.592) and Shitenno-ji (A.D.593).
We can view he image of Kannon once in every 50 years.
The last exhibition was held on Nov.18 to 25 in 2001.

Jimokuji Kannon is one of the Four Kannons (Goddess of Mercy) in the Owari area, including Nagoya,
with Arako-Kannon, Kasadera-Kannon and Ryusenji-Kannon.
(These four temples have very old history. I am sorry but Osu-Kannon was too new to belong in the group.)
The Four Kannons, "Owari Shi Kannon" in Japanese, were made on the direction by yin and yang to protect Nagoya Castle in the Edo period.

Minami-mon/the South Gate
built in 1196
Sanju-no-to/Three-story pagoda
Japan's Important Cultural Asset, 28m-high, built in 1623

The door of the main building is opened from 8:00 to 17:00..
Admission free.

Get off at Jimokuji Sta. on the Meitetsu Tsushima Line.
Walk to the west 300m, approx. 5 min.

24 Aza Higashi-Monzen, Oaza Jimokuji, Jimokuji-cho, Ama-gun, Aichi Pref.