The formal name of this temple is Kitano-san Shimpuku-ji Hosho-in.
Shingon school Chizan sect.
Hosho-in was originally built in Osu-go Nagaokanosho Owari-koku
( now Osu, Hashima City, Gifu Pref. )
The founder of this temple was Noshin-shonin.
When Tokugawa Ieyasu built Nagoya castle,
he ordered lots of tradesmen,
shrines, temples etc. to move to Nagoya, so that the castle town would prosper
and be better prepared for war.
In 1612, he also ordered Hosho-in temple to move
to the present place in Nagoya.
The name Osu came from this story.

Actually the religion in this temple is a combination of
Shinto (Japanese original religion) and Buddism.
We call this kind of temple "Jingu-ji "temple.
In 1324 the Emperor Godaigo built Kitano-temmangu (shrine)
to invoke in Nagaokanosho.
He was also embraced deeply to Buddism
under the guidance of the priest named Noshin-shonin.
Then Noshin-shounin received an appointment to this shrine,
and also gave the name "Kitano-san Shimpuku-ji Hosho-in" to the temple,
because he wanted to commemorate the fact that it came from the emperor.
:*This kind of blending of the religions, called Shinbutsukonko,
started from the Nara period
and had been kept until Meiji period.)

daily chant time
(You can listen to the chant freely)
9:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:00
Time can be chnged because of special event, etc.

During World War II all the buildings
belonging to this temple were burned down.
In 1970 , the main building of the temple was rebuilt.


*Flea markets are held on the 18th (Osu Kannon) and 28th (Bansho-ji temple) of each month.
Amazake (A sweet beverage made from fermented rice or sake lees)
for long life flow free to 200 people in order of arrival from 6:00 p.m.
Lots of people come and enjoy the atmosphere and the shopping.


*Jan. 15th, 14:00 -, sagicho (fire festival for burning
the old talismans or the decorations for new year's day)


*Feb. 3rd, around 15:00 - , setsubun-e
(the day before the first day of spring by the old calendar,
we throw roasted soy beans to sweep demons
and plague away, and welcome happiness.


photo by Iida

*Apr. 8th, hanamatsuri ( Budda's birthday )


*1st Thursday of October, ningyo-kuyo
( hold a memorial service for old dolls)


2-21-47 Osu Naka-ku Nagoya
Tel: 052-231-6525
Get off at "Osu-kannon" on the Tsurumai subway line,
go through exit No.2
4-min. walk from the station