Tour of three Shrines to pray for success in Love
Koi no Sanja meguri/

There is a tour called "Koi no Sanja Meguri" (Tour of visiting three shrines to pray for success in Love)
If you visit these three shrines and pray for success in love,
hopefuly you will be able to get a boyfriend/girlfriend soon or
if you already have a boyfriend/girlfriend, you will be able to keep a good relationship with him/her..

Please get a stamp board at one of the three shrines if you want to collect three stamp marks.
If you get three stamps, they will give you an memorial gift.
(100yen/a stamp mark)

Good Luck !

Shrine Reason Address & TEL Access

Shiroyama Hachiman Shrine
Shiroyama hachimangu/城山八幡宮
Marital Tree/Renriboku 連理木

Renriboku is a tree that parted branches reunite at the upper part.
It's a symbol of very strong love between man and woman in Japan.

2-88 Shiroyama-cho,
Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

TEL: 052-751-0788

Get off at Motoyama or
Kakuozan Subway Sta.
A 10-min. walk.


Takamu Shrine
Takamu jinja/高牟神社
Holy water of love/Koi no Mizu 古井(恋)の水
1-4-18 Imaike,
Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

TEL: 052-731-2900

Get off at Chikusa Sta. on the
Higashiyama Subway Line.
A 5-min. walk

Seimei Shrine
Seimei Jinja/清明神社
The enshrined deity at the shrine is "Abe no Seimei 安倍晴明",
an Onmyoji, a professional practitioner of
the Japanese esoteric cosmology.

1-6, Seimeiyama,
Chikusa-ku, Nagoya

TEL: 052-711-1346

Get off at Chikusa Sta. on the
Higashiyama Subway Line.
Take a bus bound for Kamiiida
上飯田. Get off at Seimeiyama stop.
A 10-min. walk.

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