Former Three Major Festivals in Nagoya
Traditional Three Great Festivals of Nagoya

Toshogu-sai April 16 and 17
Toshogu enshrines Tokugawa Ieyasu.
Before the World War II, Toshogu Festival was the most popular festival in Nagoya. They had 9 floats in 1707, but most of them were burned during the World War II.
Now only Yudorisha Float, in Tsutsuicho Higashi-ku, remains.
Since 1619
4-min. walk from Marunouchi subway sta.on the Sakuradori line
Nagoya Jinja Reitaisai
(former Sannomaru
July 16 (annual) Nagoya Jinja
(former Tenno-sha established in 911)
Enshrine Susano-no-mikoto
Tenno-sha was protected by the Owari clan to protect Nagoya Castle.
In 1876, moved from Nagoya Castle yard.
In 1899, chage its name from Tenno-sha to Nagoya Jinja.
10-min walk from Marunouchi sta. on the Tsurumai or Sakuradori line.
Wakamiya-sai May 16th (annual)
If 16th falls on Sunday,
the procession will be canceled.
Wakamiya Hachiman-sha Fukurokuju-sha Float and portable shrine parade between Wakamiya Hachiman-sha and Nagoya Jinja (shrine)

In the Edo period, people could enter the Nagoya castle yard with the floats, in order to pray at
the Tosho-gu shrine and Sannomaru-tenno-sha shrine (now out of the castle) which were inside the castle gate.
So the roofs of the floats were moved up and down when they pass through the gates.
This system was Nagoya special.