Naked Festival
Schedule of Our Group

 International Participants and Japanese "hadaka-otoko" 2016

Brave men and beautiful cheerleaders/
International participants of our group 2005

making of Naoizasa Each year 9,000 to 10,000 naked men participate this festival

Memories of our group 2016


February 9 (Thursday)
10:00  Meet at Gold Clock in Nagoya Station. map
10:24: Get on a Meitetsu train bound for Gifu (limited express
(Get off at Konomiya
‘•{‹{Sta. at 10:35 and transfer to a 10:37 local train bound for GifŠς•Œ. Arrive at Myokoji–­‹»Ž›Sta. at 10:42)
11:00 Meet at Myoko-ji@temple
–­‹»Ž› and change your clothings into shitaobi‰Ί‘Ρ
12:00 Lunch time (Please bring your lunch. There's no convenience store or any restaurants around the temple)
13:00 Move from the Myoko-ji temple to Konomiya
13:15 Arrive at Konomiya
14:00-14:15 Making a "naoizasa"(a pic left above).
14:15-: dedicate the naoizasa to the god of Konomiya Shrine (a pic above right)
15:00 Visit Hakuju-no-Sato
”’Žυ‚Μ—’/nursing home and share your good luck with the aged people who can't participate the festival

Take a group photo.
Wait appearance of shin-otoko (real naked man
Nobody knows exactly when and where shin-otoko appears, so maybe
around 17:00, dash to the crowd to touch the shin-otoko.
Around 18:00 Shin-otoko enters the Naoiden building

expense 2017 -
Shiro-tabi ”’‘«‘ά/Gomuzoko-tabi (Japanese socks for festivals)
Around 1,000yen (price is defferent depend on your shoe size)

Please pay Kikuko
when we meet
Sarashi@ŽN/Bleached cotton cloth Around 1.000yen
 Sake (rice wine) for purification  Share the expense (Around 300yen)
Participation fee & Naoigire (special cloth which was given prayer by
Shin-Otoko) or Hachimaki (browband)
Non student: 2500, in 2016
Student: 2,000yen in 2016
Please pay Mr. Tanaka
at Myoko-ji temple
Meitetsu Line Fare (Nagoya ¨ Myokoji ¨ Konomiya@¨@Nagoya) 910yen ...(370yen + 190yen + 350yen) -
 Lunch Please bring your own lunch
(You can by your lunch in Nagoya Station)
There is no restaurant around Myoko-ji Temple, and also you don't have enough time to eat

What you bring
*Tabi *Sarashi *sake
*Lunch *Bath towel *Plastic bags for wet bath towel, tabi and sarashi

It's better not to bring something very important.
We can use a toilet at the Hakuju-no-sato nursing home by their courtesy.
Some other photos are here,

Konomiya Naked Festival

2017 February 09 Thursday
2018 February 28 Wednesday
2019 February 17 Sunday
2020 February 06 Thursday
2021 February 24 Wednesday
2022 February 13 Sunday
2023 February 03 Friday
2024 February 22 Thursday