Sunday Zen Meditation
Nichiyo Zazenkai

for beginners

(once a month on Sunday)

9:00am-  Explanation/demonstration of zazen (sitting meditation)
9:30-  Opening sutras (chanting)
9:50-   Zazen
10:50- Lecture
12:30-   Lunch  (semi-formal)
1:30-  Zazen
2:30- Lecture
4:00-  Tea and conversation (informal)
4:30-     Zazenkai ends (approximately)

Please wear bulky pants.

The headmistress of Nisou-do, Ms.Aoyama Shundo, is a very famous nun. 
Her book Zen Seeds is available in English translation.

The material covered in the lectures is from Dogenfs Shobogenzo (gTreasury of the True Dharma Eyeh),
the most important philosophical work within the Soto-school of Zen.

reported by Genevra

Ms. Aoyama Shundo is a very famous person among the Buddhists and intellects.
I happenly watched an educational talk program produced by NHK (national TV channel) in which she was talking about the way of life in August, 2006.

(gyoban/gyoku: => kikuko's picture dictionaly G)

schedule 2007-2008
April 22 May 6 June 3 July 20,21,22 August - September 9
October 7 November 4 December 16 January 20 February 17 March 2

1500 yen

Aichi Senmon Niso-do
1-80 Shiroyama-cho, Chikusa-ku, Nagoya


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