Now there are many discount shops (for camera, personal computers, watches, mobile phones, etc.)
interesting shops, restaurants and temples etc.


Osu is the old downtown and one of the most interesting places to visit in Nagoya.
Befor the World War II, Osu was the busiest place.
There are Osu-kannon (temple), Banshou-ji (temple) and shopping arcade, etc.
You will find number of discount electrics shops, imported foods, second hand clothes and funky taste clothing, old kimonos etc.
Young people and old people, new culture and old culture ...Osu is an area
which welcomes everybody.

On the 18th and 28th of each month, an antique maeket is held.

Daido Chonin-sai Festival held in October is the biggest festival in Osu,
featuring street performance, Oiran procession, discount sale, etc.

Fureai-Hiroba (Fureai Plaza)
A beckoning cat is inviting you to Osu.
- Temple Fair/Ennichi
Migawari-Fudo Karakuri-ningyo (Wind-up doll) Temple Fair/Ennichi

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