Taiko Class
in English

Taiko (drum)

Physical energy and excitement of taiko performances show you
some aspects of the Japanese traditional culture.
"Dagaya" is one of the taiko performance groups in Nagoya,
and some of the members give us lessons once or twice a month
(Saturdays or Sundays, 9:00-12:30 or 13:00-16:40)
at the Chikusa Shougai-gakushuu-center near Ikeshita.
or Minokamo City in Gifu..
You can join and leave the class anytime you want.
If you are interested in drumming and want to try to play the taiko
please contact Kikuko by e-mail.

You don't need to bring anything.
Please wear easy pants like sports pants.

I am sorry but Dagaya has been taking a break
from their musical activities.

name of the group instructor place, access lesson inquiries


Members of
Dagaya drumming group


leader: Mr. Yanagawa
(He was a member of professional drammers' group"Shitara". This group got the very best prize at the 1st Tokyo International Japanese Drumming Contest in 2002)

Mr. Yanagawa became busy and will not join the class at least until spring of 2007 so far. (Oct.30, 2006)

Chikusa Shogai
Gakushu Center

access & map
0 to 2/month


(Chikusa Shogai Gakushu Center' room can be reserved by drawing., so sometimes no class in a month)

Minokamo C.
1 hour from Nagoya
(some of the members will pick you up at some subway station)

2nd and 4th

If you would like to have your own sticks,
I will take you to a taiko shop in Tsushima City.

If you would like to play very traditional drumming of Kagura, it's possible. Japanese language only. inquiries:

Atsuta Kagura
World EXPO in 2005

Atsuta Kagura members performed on the stage.