TV Tower
Lover's Sanctuary

Nagoya TV Tower is the first intensive broadcast wave emitting tower in Japan with a design
inspired by the Eiffel Tower in France. It is for five TV stations.
However, the terrestrial analog TV broad casting will be compleated on July 24, 2011,
and this TV tower will end its service.
180 meters high........4F/30m Restaurant & gallery, 90m (Sky deck), 100m (Sky balcony)
It was buidt in the center of the Hisaya-Oodori Park on June 19, 1954.
In 2006, it was renewed. You will enjoy a spectacular view of Nagoya city,
Noubi Plain, Ise Bay, the Suzuka mountains, the Yoro mountains.
On a nice day, you can see Mikawa Bay and the North Alps in Japan.

Nagoya TV Tower was designated as
"Lover's Sanctuary/Koibito no Seichi" in 2006
by a nonprofit organization "Support Center
for Local Revitalization",
though it is not so popular among Nagoyan people.
On the observation floor, there is a "Promise Heart"

The sign said that....
Yumi Katsura Lover's Sanctuary
Here I declare this land as "Lover's Sanctuary" to impart
the joy and the magic of encounters, blissful marriages,
and raising a happy home. I send my blessings to your
encounters and wish you a wonderful future.
Since 2006 Bridal Mother j@R

Yumi Katsura's Official website is here.
TV Towe is the only Lover's Sanctuary Spot in Nagoya. - Plate of "Lover's Sanctuary
St. Valentine's Day's decoration Shining in gold like lover's heart White Day's decoration
Promise Heart
The heart is decorated with 1,000 red roses on St. Valentine's Day and white roses on White Day.

View from TV Tower

If the weather condition is good and you are lucky,
you can watch the fireworks from TV tower.
East *Toyota Oiden Festival Fireworks Display /19:10-21:00 July 25(Sun)
*Miyoshiike Festival/19:30-20:30 August 7 (Sat)
*Nagakute Noryo Festival/ 20:00-21:00 August 21 (Sat)
*Miyoshiike Ochochin Festival/ 20:30-21:30 August 22 (Sun)
South *Nagoya Minato Festival Fireworks Display/ 19:30-20:30 July 19 (Tue)
*Gamagori Festival Fireworks Display/ 19:30-21:00 July 25 (Sun)
*Tokai Festival Fireworks Display/ 19:20-20:30 August 14 (Sat)
*Yokkaichi Fireworks Display/ 19:15-20:30 August 22 (Sun)
West *Kuwana Suigo Fireworks Display/ 19:30-20:45 July 24 (Sat)
*Nakamura-Koen Summer Festival/ 20:30-21:00 July 30 (Fri)
*Nobi Big Fireworks Display/ 19:30-20:45 August 14 (Sat)
North *Komaki Heisei Summer Festival 21:00-21:30 July 25 (Sun)
*Gifu Shimbun Ogaki Fireworks Display 19:00-20:45 July 31 (Sat)
*Japan Rhine Summer Festival Fireworks Display 19:45-20:45 August 10 (Tue)
*Kasamatsu River festival/ 19:45-20:45 August 15 (Sun)

First of all, take the elevator to the 3rd floor and buy a ticket there.
Take the elevator again to the Sky Deck (observation floor/90m above the ground),
or take the stairs to the 4th floor and then take the external staircase to the observation floor.
Sky Walk
On Sundays of each month (10:00-16:00), first 100 visitors
who take the external staircase (From Sky Terminal[ticket counter]: 245 stairs [Tower square=>Sky Balcony: 310 stairs]) will get a small gift.

Get a numbered card at the 4th floor. Price of fighting against fear (set of cards I got)

You can go up open space called Sky balcony
(100m above ground), from Sky Deck.(90m above)

7 days a week

(Last entry is 20 min. before the closing time)

1F (Tower square) - 4F (Restaurant and gallery)/ Free
3F (Sky terminal)....ticket counter
Junior high schooler or over 12 /600yen
Elementary school pupil or over 7-year old/ 300yen
Over 65/ 500yen

Get off at "Sakae" on the Higashiyama or Meijyo subway line,
take exit No. 3 or No.4
"Hisaya-Oodori" on the Sakura-dori subway line,
take exit No.3



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