Sakae Underground Mall
provides lots of shopping.
Mitsukoshi Depertment store

OASIS 21 Park Crystal-Hiroba (at the center of the Sakae underground
shopping arcade) is one of the popular meeting spot
in Sakae.

SAKAE is the most busy place and also a center of the cultural life in Nagoya.
Nagoya su@ (the oldest of its kind in Japan),
and OASIS 21 complex, which accomodates bus terminal, shops and restaurants,.
are the landmarks.

In Sakae people enjoy shopping, entertainment and dining oppertunities,.
There are parks, theaters, art museums, music halls, discotheques, karaoke, banks,
big department stores, under-ground shopping malls, discount camera shops, CD shops, big book stores, etc.

Night view of TV Tower and OASIS 21 Night view of Sunshine Sakae Bldg. with Big Wheel

On weekend afternoons and evenings, local musicians perform in and around parks.
Hisaya-Odori park is a stage to perform for young people. Rock'n'rollers

Midnight bus

Sakae - Motoyama - Fujigaoka

Sakae Minami Music Festival

Map of Sakae and Fushimi Area

Map of Parks at the Center of Sakae

Map of the Northern part of Sakae
Map of Southern part of Sakae

The center of Nagoya in 1946. One year after the World War II.
The building next to the large building is now Mitsubishi-Tokyo UFJ Bank Money Museum
which is along the Hirokoji-dori, the main street.

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