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Cafe Mountain - They serve Incredible meal
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cha-batake a field of tea
chabudai traditional Japanese style table
chanko a meal cooked by sumo wrestlers
chasen a tea whisk

used to mix and whip powdered gree tea into a froth.
Chausu-yama Chausu-yama located in the North of the East Mikawa area.
You can ski in winter
chikara-kobu biceps
chikara udon
Noodles with mochi (rice cake)
Chikara means power.
Mochi is very rich and gives us power.
chikurin bamboo woods
chimaki Mmchi made of glutinous or non-glutinous rice or rice flour
wrapped in bamboo leaves and steamed or boiled.

Chimaki is particularly eaten on Children's Day (May 5th)
chinkakyo a bridge which is under water in case of freshet
chirashi advertising catalog, circular
chirashizushi a kind of sushi
sushi rice in a bowl with scattered topping
chirimenjako small fry of sardin boiled with salt and dried.
chizu map
chochin traditional Japanese lantern
chomin-kaikan - Towner hall
chotto ippai

just drink alcohol a little
chotto sokomade
"Chotto sokomade" is kind of greetings.
When we keep good relationships with neighbors, we sometimes greet "Odekakedesuka ?/ Are you going out? " or "Dochira made?/Where are you going? ". These question have no meanings. They don't care where you are going. So just answer "Chotto sokomade/ I'm going somewhere"
choyo no sekku One of the five sekku of the year.
chozubachi A stone basin.
They can been seen at shrines or temples.
chudaiko a kind of wadaiko (Japanese traditional drums )
lit. middle size drum

Kikuko's Picture Dictionary