Oagata Shrine Bumper Harvest Festival
Oagata Jinja Hohnen-sai)

(held on Sunday just before March 15th)

Festival praying for good harvest of grains and good security of a nation

Hime (women)
The costume represents
women's sex

Band Men in yakudoshi Tengu or Sarutahiko-no-ookami

Mikoshi/portable shrine After the parade, everybody try to get
the beautiful ornaments.
If you could get them, you are lucky !

Decorated portable shrine Big kagamimochi Flag
The original picture was offerd
by Munakata Shiko (1903`1975),
a very famous engraver and painter.
Himenomiya shrine

Special candies are sold

function time site

(Shinto ritual)
9:00 main shrine, himemiya and okumiya in Oagata Shrine

kodomo-mikoshi (lit./ children's portable shrine)
(Parade by children with portable shrines)
10:00 parking area -> Oagata Shrine precincts

chigo gyohretsu (lit./small children's parade)
(Parade by children called chigo who wear special kimono and make-uped)

11:00 parking area -> Oagata Shrine precincts

chigo kigansai
(Shinto ritual for children)

11:30 main shrine in Oagata Shrine

(Shinto ritual)

12:00 Morokuwa-jinja (Shoyo Shrine)

kempeisha starts
(Decorated cars and a track which carries offering rice cakes start )

12:30 Imasen-denki seisakusho ->

shinkoh -gyoretsu starts
(main parade starts)
13:00 Morokuwa-jinja (Shoyo Shrine)

kempeisha arrives at the shrine
(Decorated cars and a track which carries offering rice cakes arrive at the shrine)

13:10 kempeisha arrives at Oagata Shrine

(Shinto ritual)

13:30 main shrine in Oagata Shrine

shinkoh gyoretsu arrives
(Main parade arrive at the shrine)
14:00 main shrine at Oagata Shrine

kaikoh-sai and tsuina-sai
(Shinto ritual)

14:00 Participants of the parade and yakudoshi people join

16:00 Oagata Shrine precincts


Take s
ubway Meijo line and change the line at Heiandori sta. to Kami-iida line.
Get off at Gakuden station.
You get on the Meitetsu line automatically from Kami-iida, but subway ticket you bought in Nagoya is available
fare: 620 yen for one way,
It takes 28 minutes from Heiandori sta. to Gakuden sta.

3 Aza-Miyayama, Inuyama City

Oagata Shrine and Tagata Shrine are a couple shrine