Ooagata Shrine

The enshrined god is Ooagata-oomikami who was the first frontiersman in Owari erea.
This shrine has been called Ninomiya (lit. the second shrine) and is popular among the people
Ooagata-oomikami is the Genius of business prosperity and good fortune.
The main shrine was rebuilt by Tokugawa Mitsutomo, the second lord of the Owari Clan, with the special construction
called Santoh-zukuri or Ooagata-zukuri. in 1661
and was prescribed one of the important national treasures.

Buildings, including the main shrine, have kept the proper style of Owari-zukuri construction.
Ooagata Shrine Rich Harvest Festival
(Hohnen-sai) which held in March is popular
and it is the pair to Tagata Shrine Rich Harvest Festival.

Haiden (hall of worship)

behind the Haiden, there is Honden
(main shrine)which is an important cultural property
couples wish for having a baby
Hime-ishi (lit. Lady stone)
This natural stone with the form of genitals ,which is put behind Hime-no-miya shrine, is thougt for a yin stone. You can see lots of yang stones in Tagata shrine.
These kinds of stones are generally called "in'yoh-seki"
(yin and yang stone)
Ooagata Shrine

There are lots of ume (plum) trees
in the shrineyard.
Hime-no-miya shrine
Goddess, Tamahime-no-mikoto, is
People pray for an easy birth, having
a baby, good match or
being a happy couple

very small torii purify by ourselves in front of torii
with gohei first
try to pass through the small torii
....very serious....Take it easy ! :))
Whew ! She could pass through it !
Her dream will come true !
ne :))

Take s
ubway Meijo line and change the line at Heiandori sta. to Kami-iida line.
Get off at Gakuden station. Go straight 1.5Km to the East. It's at the end of the road.
You get on the Meitetsu line automatically from Kami-iida, but subway ticket you bought in Nagoya is available
fare: 620 yen for one way,
It takes 28 minutes from Heiandori sta. to Gakuden sta.

Ooagata Shrine
3 Aza-Miyayama, Inuyama City, Aichi Pref.

TEL: 0568-67-1017
FAX: 0568-67-3549